Across the Horizons’ 100th Blog Part 2 – Looking Back

When we started planning our 100th blog we decided we had so much to share that we would make it a three part series! Last week we talked about what marketing means to us in Part 1 – click here to read that blog.

What would this monumental occasion be without looking back? That lead us to the decision that part 2 should be looking back on the highlights of our history at Across the Horizons. We each share below two of our fond memories of the company.

Suzy and Sandy of Across the HorizonsSuzy:

Our first meeting – While I honestly don’t remember the exact date in September 2011 when we first sat down to discuss our plan to start a marketing company I very much remember the meeting and feelings. I was excited to start not just a business doing what I love but a partnership with my sister and best friend. We often get a little off track in our meetings because of this but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When we first decided to start Across the Horizons we seemed to always be on the same page with what we wanted for the company and that’s continued on four years later!

Our first annual Marketing Fair – Last year we hosted our first annual Marketing Fair. We were so blessed to have some amazing interns that summer who were so incredibly helpful during this event. As a first run event we had a decent response but with event planning it takes multiple runs to get it right. I’ve planned so many events but this one was by far my favorite as it meant so much to us. It was such a fun time too! We can’t wait for this year’s Marketing Fair!


Our first ATH photoshoot – It was in March but so cold and it even started snowing! We had to put our coats on in between shots. The best part was we finished that cold morning with a warm seat at the Community Arts Café for a bowl of tomato soup and hot chocolate. Yum!

Suzy Fielders, President and Sandy Harper, Vice PresidentOur workshops – I remember being extremely nervous and unconfident when we hosted our first workshop. Suzy was great though; she exuded confidence and professionalism. Her strength and knowledge helped me through it. I realized at our last workshop how much I’ve changed. I now hear and show confidence in my words. I actually kind of enjoy getting in front of people now, to teach and help them in their business.

Make sure to check back on our blog next Wednesday for the third and final part of our 100th blog series! If you are looking for more marketing help please contact us at


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