Across the Horizons’ 100th Blog Part 3 – Marketing Lessons

Over the last few weeks we’ve been celebrating our 100th blog mark. We wanted to make it a three part series that was a bit more personal and gave our thoughts on marketing and our company. In part one we talked about what marketing means to us and Across the Horizons and in part two we looked back on our favorite highlights at Across the Horizons.

The third and final part of the series we want to talk about some marketing lessons we’ve learned.

Marketing Lessons LearnedSuzy:

Lesson 1 – I think one of the most invaluable lessons I’ve learned about marketing is it’s all about problem solving. Everything I do on a daily basis for marketing is somehow about figuring out a solution to a problem. Whether it’s trying to determine how to reach more people on Facebook or how to get a press release more recognized, it all comes down to having good problem management skills.

Lesson 2 – The second most important marketing lesson I’ve learned is to always stay current with what’s going on in the industry. While this seems like something that probably applies to most industries, in the marketing world it’s one of those make it or break it type situations. Technology is ever changing and the biggest influence in marketing so it’s crucial to ­always know what is out there and how it works.


Lesson 1 – As a marketing company I pride myself in being professional and having the know how to help other small businesses in their marketing endeavors. Though I have the knowledge and experience to help our clients, it is still a good idea to continue my learning on marketing subjects. That is why I further my knowledge by attending workshops for marketing business to social media topics.

Lesson 2 – When it comes to consulting I have learned that even if I know how to help a business and give my opinion and advice, it is still up to the business to put it into effect. Also, sometimes I have to remember to use my own advice. I can get caught up in work for others that I get off schedule with my own business work.

We hope you enjoyed our 100th blog series! Stay tuned next month as we will be sharing some great information from some special guest bloggers. If you are looking for more marketing help please contact us at


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