Across the Horizons’ 100th Blog Part 1 – What is Marketing

We are so excited to say this is our 100th blog posting! It’s hard to believe we’ve reached this milestone but we hope everyone enjoys what we have in store for it. To mark this occasion we will have a three part blog series that will span these next 3 Wednesdays. Our goal is to share what we’ve learned on marketing with all of you.

Across the Horizons 100th BlogThe first part, which is posted today/below, is our thoughts on what marketing is and what it means to us at Across the Horizons.

What is marketing?

Suzy – Marketing is a way for a small business to portray to the community their voice and passions. It allows businesses or individuals to show their audiences what they have to offer and how they can help them. From social media to events, marketing encompasses a large array of tools to share a mission and gain clients.

Sandy – Marketing is how a business or organization wants to be represented and perceived on a public level. This is their chance to show current or potential customers who they are, what their values/beliefs are and why they are different, in a good way, from their competitors.

marketing cloudWhat does marketing mean to Across the Horizons?

Suzy – For Across the Horizons, marketing is what we do so it’s our way of life! We strive to help small businesses or individuals, such as artists or musicians, brand themselves in a way that is true to their values & beliefs. The same is true for what we want out of our branding efforts.

Sandy – As a small business ourselves, Across the Horizons is able to relate to marketing at the same level as our customers. Marketing is a personal business because done right, it shows the true “soul” and “backbone” of a company.

Make sure to check back on our blog next Wednesday for part two of our 100th blog series! If you are looking for more marketing help please contact us at

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