Insights from Former Google Employee Jack Turner

By Guest Blogger: Jack Turner, Former Google employee and current actor & musician

Jack TurnerHi, I’m Jack Turner. I worked at Google in advertising for 5 years, before leaving to become a full-time actor and musician. Along my journey I was trained on how to market online and I’ve also learned tricks from the inside as a small business owner. Below are some of those insights I learned along the way.

1. Be found online.

  • Have a url and build website. I recommend as an easy solution.
  • If you have a physical location, make sure it’s registered correctly with Google (Google My Business).
  1. Get your customers to what they want as quickly as possible.

If you sell a product, consider using Adwords. You can drive your customers to exactly the webpages you want in the least amount of clicks. If your customer is searching for information, drive them to an informational page. If they’re looking to buy your product, drive them to a page where they can click ‘buy’.

  1. Engage socially.

I don’t know too much about Facebook advertising, or social media, but the bottom line with social platforms is to ensure they’re social.

  • Create a two-way dialogue with your consumer.
  • Engage them with competitions, giveaways, or countdowns to new releases.
  • Have a consistent brand. A consistent look across your images, videos, fonts and promotions is often really overlooked in marketing. Nothing will make you look less professional than poor presentation! We really focused on consistent branding with our black & white Instagram presence for my band Cable Car.
  1. Test constantly.

Always try new things. New websites, new checkout procedures, new promotions. One of the great things about online marketing is you can measure performance. Try two different website pages, then measure their success (maybe measured by time on site or if the customer gets to a specific page you consider a goal). There’s no need to guess when you can measure your own success, just keep iterating and look at the data! Google Analytics is a good & free product to help you do this.

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