Across the Horizons Announces Re-Brand

Across the Horizons is excited to officially announce their re-brand!

In this interview style blog we hope we answer why we are rebranding and what it will constitute. We also hope this blog will be useful to those who are looking to rebrand themselves. Questions created and asked by one of our past marketing interns, Jaquel Horne.

  1. Why are we rebranding and why now?

Many people do not realize this but our mission statement is a play on the words in our company name. The definition of horizons is: the limit or range of perception, knowledge, or the like. Our mission is to help companies maximize their communication, public relations & marketing efforts in order to help boost their client base and increase the range of perception on their company’s image and message. Simply put our company name is meant to stand for helping organizations across the horizon or as we put increasing the range of perception on their company’s image & message. We hope this rebrand helps prove that point and earn us our name!

Suzy: Over time companies and people tend to grow, or hope to. This often leads to new outlooks on what individuals and organizations want to accomplish and who they want to help. We’ve had a lot growth in our client base and in our experience these last five years, which has helped us to realize we are now at a place where we want to really focus in on what it is we want to accomplish.

Sandy: We have learned a lot over that past few years, about our target audience and their needs. This knowledge has helped us plan new service options and update older ones per our customer’s needs. These changes lead to the decision to rebrand Across the Horizons; giving the company a fresh look to go along with its new and exciting changes.

Across the Horizons Logo

  1. In your opinion, what is the most recognizable change?

Suzy: We will drastically be changing our services offering. When we initially started we capitalized on our marketing company being all inclusive, which was a great thing we could offer our clients at the time. Now that we have a more targeted customer profile we are able to narrow down the services that will be most helpful. Our new services line up will focus on: Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Consultations & Marketing Coaching, and Event Planning & Management. This last point will include our newest service Wedding Planning! Sandy discusses these services more below. Two other noteworthy changes that people will easily recognize will be our new logo and new website.

  1. Explain the new services that will be offered. Why?

Sandy: We are happy to announce that we are adding Wedding Planning to our list of event planning services. After working with many talented photographers in the area, we realized that there is a need for more wedding planners in the Triad. With our wedding planning services we will help brides and grooms find and coordinate services such as photographers, videographers, caterers, venues, musicians and much more.

  1. What message do we want to convey? To whom?

Suzy: Marketing and public relations is our top priority for our fellow small business owners and individuals within the community that have marketing needs, like musicians, actors, authors, directors and artists. We understand these people have great marketing messages they want to share but small budgets, so we want to help them send just the right message to their target audiences.

  1. Has the customer profile or target audience changed?

Sandy: It certainly has! When we initially launched Across the Horizons we had small businesses in mind. I think we overlooked personal businesses, such as musicians and actors. Though they are a one person business, they too need branding and a way to market themselves.

  1. Do you wish that this brand could have been the original brand solution?

Suzy: Absolutely not. Going back to what I said in question one, part of the rebrand is from our growth and learning, so we couldn’t be where we are today without starting where we originally started!

  1. Why should anyone care about our brand? Why should anyone care about the rebrand?

Sandy: If a company stays static in the way they do things, that proves they are not willing to stretch and grow with their clients and the world around them. To be successful in any business you must be willing to adapt with ever changing client needs, technology and new concepts of conducting business. We want clients to care about our brand and rebrand because we are showing them that we care about their business.

  1. What would you like customers to take away from your decision to rebrand?

Suzy: That we truly care about helping others tailor and spread their message while building their own brand. Community is very important to us so another reason why we want to help our fellow local small businesses, entrepreneurs, and those in the arts make the Piedmont Triad the best it can be!

  1. Is the rebrand something meaningful?

Sandy: It is extremely meaningful to us and hopefully our clients too. As Suzy mentioned in a prior question, this rebrand proves that we are learning and growing as a business. This rebrand shows that we care about our current and future clients, by growing and improving with them.

We really hope everyone enjoys our new services, logo, website and re-brand campaign! Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to inquire about our services by emailing us at


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