Individual Branding

On Sunday, January 19th Across the Horizons hosted a branding workshop titled Individual Marketing: Five Ways to Brand Yourself. Attendees learned why and how to brand themselves. They participated in multiple branding activities and discovered where they were in branding themselves thus far.

We have posted related blogs in the past about branding: Branding a Small Business and Branding – A Crucial ‘Instrument’ for Musicians by guest blogger Liz May of SoundLizzard Productions. This workshop explained five different ways to best brand an individual or small business. We even had a hashtag for this workshop where additional information and pictures are posted – #individualmarketing.

The first method discussed was Social Media. There are many platforms that are free or low cost and user friendly. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn are just a few of the useful sites that can help with branding. Each of these sites has specific and individual features but there are concepts that can be followed through all of them. Remember to be consistent! This is key with anything related to branding. It is also important to be constantly active on the sites chosen. This will help guarantee the message/post is being seen by more followers/fans. Using videos, pictures and photo albums with posts be noticed more often. We kicked off this section by letting everyone conduct a Social Media Audit.

For information on the other four tactics that help with branding or help with Social Media, contact us at

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