The Importance of a Well Written Press Release

One of the best ways to announce a business event is through a press release. Like any published or shared written material it is important that its quality work. A good press release needs to be attention grabbing, thus making the reader notice and then take action. This will also help guarantee that media outlets and editors will remember the author’s or business’ name and be more likely to give press release preference. Good media support is important to the success of a press release.

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Here are five points on how a well written press release can help a small business.

  1. It can increase a business’s name recognition. The more press releases written and submitted the more often a name will be seen which in turn helps people remember it.
  2. It is a FREE way to gain visibility. If written by the business there is no charge for a press release. Being well written is important because the editor or media source receiving them has to choose only a few from many to use.
  3. A press release can help make a business come across as an expert in its field. A name seen in print or heard through other media outlets comes across as relevant, important and knowledgeable. This can even cause the business to be viewed as a source by other businesses.
  4. Due to name recognition and appearing as an expert in the field, a press release can help a business have more influence in the local business community. Often the more a name is heard, the more valid their opinions become.
  5. A well written press release can help showcase what a business is all about. This gives the public a better understanding of what the business does and what their mission is. Thus the more chances of people supporting that business.

It is important to remember any written material that is being submitted needs to be checked and rechecked for grammar errors, correct facts, complete thoughts, and a clear mission. Errors and confusing or incomplete information is going to get a press release thrown out by an editor. Plus, it will be hard to be taken seriously the next time the business submits one.

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