Why Vision Boards Work

Quite simply, a Vision Board is a board that displays visuals of what is desired in one’s life. The majority of people are visual creatures; this is why companies overload the population with visual stimulation. This can make it hard for someone to find clarity and focus of what they really want or need. A vision board can help with those issues, by making wants clear, reinforced, and focused.

vision board exampleCreating a vision board directs an individual to decide what is actually wanted or needed. Committing to and posting a physical photo makes that want tangible. It is key to place the vision board where it can be viewed often throughout a day. Remember to look it over every morning! This gives a daily fresh reminder of the goals at hand. Visuals with a daily reinforcement will help keep focus.

vision board quoteVision boards are often thought to be for personal wants but it can be invaluable for business’ goals as well. The goals can be decided by an owner, partners or as a collaboration of thoughts by the entire staff. Use the vision board to show where the business is headed and where it will be five years from now, or further. This not only will help keep focus but can be used as a motivational tool for the employees.

For information on vision boards, contact us at info@acrossthehorizons.com.

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