Across the Horizons 30 Day Marketing Program

A dollar and hour a day is all that you need to devote for the 30 days to completely revamp your marketing efforts. We are very excited to launch our new 30 day marketing coaching program! The two goals of this 30 day program are to:

  1. Assist participants in learning how to manage time dedicated to marketing efforts
  2. Align marketing goals with specific outcomes

The cost of this marketing coaching program will be a special rate of $30, so really just a $1 a day!

Many of our clients always say “I don’t know where to start”, “there is too much to consider in marketing” or “I don’t have tons of time to spend on marketing”, in that spirit we decided to launch this program.

Across the Horizons marketing programEach participant must be willing to work for an hour total each day on marketing tasks we ‘assign’. Please note that does not necessarily mean an hour straight each day – most days will include multiple tasks that will only take a few minutes each but add up to an hour. Remember all this is going to benefit your business or individual marketing efforts!

This group is open to small business owners (stores, restaurants, etc.), marketing directors of non-profit organizations and individuals who need to market themselves (artists, actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians, etc.).

The group will also serve as a great networking and support group, where we can all hold each other accountable. Our ultimate vision for the outcome of 30 days is to help each of you reach your marketing goals for the month. We also hope from these 30 days you will get in the habit of devoting at least an hour a day on your marketing efforts, which in turn will have a tremendous impact on your marketing and ROI.

The 30 days will officially start Saturday, January 10. We will only be accepting 15 participants for this group so please sign up ASAP to save your space. Here is the link to the Facebook Group to sign up and on there is also a link to PayPal to pay the $30 fee (you don’t have to have a paypal account).

How the group will work:

  • Prior to the launch we will follow up with each of you individually to get a grasp on where you stand on your current marketing efforts.
  • There will be daily posts in the a.m. from us on tasks to do for that day to get your marketing on track.
  • Each evening we will expect each of you to post on how the tasks went, any issues encountered while completing that days tasks and most importantly that the task were completed.
  • Remember this is a marketing coaching program – keyword is coaching so while we will provide direction for your marketing tasks you must be willing to put in the effort & the hour each day.

Start off 2015 strong by honing your marketing efforts with us over the course of 30 days! We look forward to working with each of you.

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