Holiday Marketing Ideas

Holiday advertisements & marketing can be fun but also can be tricky depending upon the intended audience so here are a few examples that are sure to provide holiday cheer.

Santa AdsA crucial part of marketing for small businesses is incorporating values & beliefs into the businesses mission and marketing efforts. If Christmas is celebrated by the owner and staff, then make that clear with holiday ads & marketing. Maybe post a picture on social media of the office Christmas tree or at the annual holiday party.

Photographers often use Santa (and sometimes even Mrs. Clause) in their photo sessions during this time of year, so it stands to reason that they should use Santa pictures in their ads or marketing. Here are two examples of Santa marketing by two photographers from our 2014 Photographer of the Month campaign: The Portrait Gallery and Kissing Tree Studio.

For local small retailers that sell toys, Santa is a must in their ads and marketing. Maybe show a picture of Santa bringing presents or reading to children. Another way to incorporate not just Christmas but other holidays like Hanukkah is to have countdown photos, like Toys & Co. (with locations in both Winston-Salem and Greensboro) did in this Facebook post.

Another great example of using Santa in marketing efforts is the letters to Santa… see this fun example by local store Hip Chics Boutique using a letter to Santa to ask for jewelry and watches.

What would Santa be without his elves? The notorious “Elf on the Shelf” is not only for parents, this local medical office uses it in a creative marketing way via their Facebook page. Allergy Partners of the Piedmont has one that they named “Epi” (after Epi pens, which are used for severe allergic reactions). This photo uses Epi in a clever way to promote an allergy product and allergy shots.

Need more help with holiday marketing? Contact us at We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

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