The DO’s and DON’TS of Office Parties

It’s important to remember that the word “party” does not always mean cut loose, let your hair down, and anything goes. When it comes to parties at the office there are a few sound pieces of advice that should be followed.

  • Do – Dress for a party but with tact. Find out if the party is casual or formal, and then dress accordingly. No flashy, revealing or inappropriate clothes.
  • Don’t – Over drink alcohol! Even if the drinks are free, it’s still a business event. Coworkers and bosses are taking note of how you conduct yourself. That also goes for over doing it at the food table.
  • Do – Use this as a way to network. Take the opportunity to talk with business heads, influential people and coworkers you don’t see often. You never know where one conversation can take you, business wise.
  • Don’t – Gossip or consume conversations by talking about yourself. Give others a chance to share and express their opinions. Keep conversations positive and work discussions to a minimum. Don’t take this to be a time to complain, whine or brag.
  • Do – Thank coworkers for all they have helped with and accomplished through the year. Also, thank anyone involved with putting the office party together.Office Holiday Party

Lastly, do accept an office party invite! For more tips on what to do and not do at an office party, contact us at

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