How Small Businesses can Help Local Charities

Small businesses contribute to the majority of donations to charities and organizations; they raise millions of dollars each year. Giving back to the community can increase the visibility and revenue for small businesses. Using social media, newsletters and local papers to advertise events and donations can help gain exposure.

There are many ways to help a charity/organization. Here are four ideas to start most small businesses.

  1. Organize an Event – Create an event that will help raise funds for the charity of choice. These are rewarding and can be fun community occasions. Teaming up with other local businesses can increase publicity. Ask other businesses to sponsor by donating other things to the event than just money. Donations such as event rental space, food, and entertainment can help save event costs.
  2. Donate expertise or time – A small service based company can help by sharing their expertise and time depending on the needs of the charity. A marketing company could offer to help improve a website or social media sites to help increase the charities exposure. A photographer could offer to take professional pictures for multiple uses. A small company can simply offer their time in any capacity to a local charity that is close to their heart.
  3. Give a percentage of sales – This way can help your customers feel involved. Often customers will pick a certain item or service if they know that a portion of the sale will go to a worthy cause. A business could choose a particular charity to team up with or they could choose a different one every month. There are many options and combinations to use in giving a percentage of sales.
  4. Free advertisement or endorsement – If a small business lacks both time and money to donate to a local charity then offer free advertisement or endorsement. This can be done easily by promoting the charity of choice on the business website, social media sites, newsletters, signs in the store or office, or word-of-mouth. These can all be powerful mediums for gaining exposure for a charity.

For more information and ways to help local charities/organizations, contact Across the Horizons at

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