Fund Raising Tips

Fund raising has long since been the backbone of non-profit organizations, but it is equally important to and used by universities, political campaigns, public schools and even small businesses. From raising money for a large capital campaign to launching a Kickstarter campaign, successful fund raising all comes down to excellent planning efforts.

Here are four tactics that every fund raising campaign should have:

  1. Set a realistic goal! It’s easy to get carried away and optimistic when it comes to raising funds but it’s important to set a goal for the amount needed.
  2. Map out a plan from start to finish. For instance, if it’s an event fundraiser, then plan out all that needs to be done from deciding to host the event to event follow up.
  3. Stay organized. Having everything in order will make sure nothing slips through the cracks as it often can during fund raising campaigns as there are so many details to manage.
  4. Always follow up. It’s important to build and maintain good relationships with donors. A simple thank you can go a long way in helping to remember a company, cause or event.

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