4 Reasons a Business Should Hire Interns

Initially when hearing the term “intern”, one thinks free labor. This is true in most cases yet that should not be the main reason for hiring interns. Interns are an incredible source of new energy, extra help and fresh perspectives. This resource is equally important for the million dollar organizations and small businesses alike.

  1. Focus on Important Tasks- With the help of interns, regular employees can direct their focus to more important jobs. When employees are bogged down with menial tasks they cannot give the critical jobs a 100%. Productivity can improve with the help of quality interns. Additionally, interns can help with projects that there has not been time for in the past.
  2. New perspective- Often interns are college students or recent graduates. This next generation can bring with them a fresh pair of eyes on situations. Asking them for their opinion can also help increase their feelings of value and help them grow as team players and strong future employees in a particular job field.
  3. Mentoring the next generation- As current leaders in the work force, it is important to help the next generation learn how to best do the jobs at hand and how they can add their touch to it. Students are learning great knowledge in school but more often than not firsthand experience is a beneficial learning tool.
  4. Exposure- Giving interns the opportunity to learn how a company works and about their culture, can help mold talented future employees. Interns that show that they can be an asset to the company can be offered positions in the future. Another aspect of exposure is the relationship a company can build with colleges and universities. They look to these facilities for exceptional candidates for intern positions.

A person working for free is a great concept but interns are so much more than that. It is important to remember to understand how they can help a company in the long term and also how a company can help interns.

For more reasons why a business should hire interns, contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.

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