Living It Up Locally

By: Rachel Atterbury, Across the Horizons Marketing & Public Relations Intern

Small businesses are crucial in a world overwhelmed with enormous corporations.  These companies capitalize on their consumers and ineffectually increase their profits, solely benefiting themselves. I’m not saying big businesses aren’t easy outs for a quick and cheap dinner or a fast way to pick up a shirt in your size. Who doesn’t enjoy a McDouble or a run into Wal-Mart every now and then? What I’m saying is when local businesses are around you, don’t miss an opportunity to support your community. They need to earn a living just as much as you do as they provide their neighbors with local goods and services.

Winston-Salem is rich in culture as well as local business. Unfortunately, it is more likely for people to hear about and frequent the big corporations and chains across the Piedmont rather than the unique local destinations.

Here are two great local restaurants that I visited and wanted to share my reviews on.

johannesIn the heart of Bethania, the oldest municipality in Forsyth County, lies Johannes, a restaurant owned by the Beroth family. Johannes is a welcoming establishment that consistently values the customer to ensure an excellent experience. Justin Beroth, manager of Johannes, is a Winston-Salem native who strives to maintain a personal connection with as many customers as he can. The food is completely homemade as well as the desserts. The scrumptious menu includes traditional Moravian choices, such as chicken pie and sugar cake. The Yelp critics award Johannes with a 4/5 stars.

Another local restaurant I have visited and enjoyed the experience is o’So Eats nestled on Jonestown Road in Winston-Salem. The first time I visited this establishment I went with a friend and we ordered our amazing meals of salmon, noodles, and more. The interior is comfortable and the employees are knowledgeable. On my second visit, I was with my family a party of ten. Our waiter was extremely friendly and had the ability to keep my fussy family happy which was a feat in itself. The meals were very tasty and I cleaned my plate of it’s delicious crab cake. o’So Eats’ atmosphere was pleasant and relevant Yelp reviews give o’So Eats a 4/5 stars.

Another great way to support local restaurants is writing reviews on them after you visit on social sites like Yelp or Facebook.


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