Social media groups: An overlooked marketing tool

Social media is a commonly used marketing tool; however, there is one aspect of them that is often underutilized. This tool has the capability to aid logistics, increase awareness and supplement other marketing efforts. What tool might this be? Social media groups!

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have well set up group functions that when used properly can really help a small business. Each allows for various security/privacy settings, from restricted viewing for confidential items to completely open to the public.

Below are some optimal uses for social media groups and how they can help with these items.

  1. Events
  • For business events & workshops, LinkedIn groups are a great way to let professionals (as most have a profile here) ‘mingle’ prior as well as provide updates & news on the event or workshop.
  • A Facebook group is a great place for all those working & planning the event to share information and logistics without having the hassle of calling or meeting.
  • These groups are also a very useful place for those attending events to share photos. Businesses can then pick and choose from there which ones are best to share in future marketing efforts or social media posts.
  • The biggest difference between Facebook Events and Facebook Groups is that Facebook events created by business pages are always public but a Facebook group can be private. Note: groups must be created with a personal account, not a business Facebook page, but anyone can be invited via email (it’s not a requirement to be friends with someone to invite them to the group).
  1. Ideas/Brainstorming
  • Groups provide a great platform for co-workers to not only discuss things but to brainstorm freely with one another. This is especially helpful for businesses that have multiple office locations.
  1. Campaigns
  • Facebook groups provide a great way to easily network and communicate with those involved on campaigns. For instance, we use a Facebook group for our Photographer of the Month Campaign where we invite each photographer to it and share information with one another regarding that campaign.

Facebook Group Header

For more information on social media groups and how to use them contact us at


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