Thank you to our Across the Horizons Guest Bloggers!

We’ve been honored to have some wonderful guest bloggers on our site both this month and in our first panel back in July last year. For those that missed them they covered a variety of marketing related topics, from video marketing to photography and even international sales. These are a must read for anyone wanting to excel their business.

Here is a complete listing of all guest blogs and topics covered.

April 2014

Public Relations – Help others tell your story ~ By Guest Blogger: Professor Richard Puffer of Coker College

What’s Your Story ~ By Guest Blogger: Chris Hudson of Chris Hudson Productions

Planting the Seed for Prolific Results ~ By Guest Bloggers: Rachel Hoeing and Katie Moosbrugger of Triad Moms On Main

Selling International – Cultural Differences ~ By Guest Blogger: Al Fielders of Topsider Homes

July 2013

3-E Marketing Comes Down to One Strategy — Integration ~ By Guest Blogger: Professor Richard Puffer of Coker College

Branding – A Crucial ‘Instrument’ for Musicians ~ By Guest Blogger: Liz May of SoundLizzard Productions

How do you want the world to see YOUR company? ~ By Guest Blogger: Claudia Page Carter of The Portrait Gallery

Five Things to Know About Freelance Writing ~ By Guest Blogger: Michael Breedlove of Winston-Salem Monthly magazine

International Marketing: Questions to ask before selling to other countries ~ By Guest Blogger: Rusty Shaw

Click on the links above to read these fantastic and insightful guest blogs. Thank you to each and every one of our guest bloggers for taking the time to write these blogs for us.

We hope to feature another panel of guest bloggers this fall. For those interested in being a guest blogging with us and writing on a various marketing related topic, please email us at

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