Springtime = Website Revamp Time

Our March blogs have focused on Spring and using this season for promotions, cleaning up the office and launching social media contests. We are going to wrap up the Spring blogs with one final one… sprucing up a website. This time of year is all about cleaning up and rejuvenation so it is only fitting in the revamping marketing efforts to focus on websites.

A clean, creative and easy to navigate website is the ultimate marketing tool for any business. Websites allow for an effective way to portray products and services and build a company’s brand so it’s important to evaluate and refresh it every so often… Spring is the perfect time for this!

These seven steps are a quick guide to giving a website an overhaul with minimal effort.

1. Visit our blog Eight Websites Do’s and Don’ts – see what is or isn’t done and address these issues first.

2. See if the website is missing any ‘Must Have’ components and add these ASAP.

3. Make sure to have Google Analytics and actually use and analyze them! All of the data from here can help a company optimize their website so it not only works best for current viewers but is frequently found on search engines to gain new viewers.

4. Run an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Analysis. For a nominal fee we can run these for any business website and analyze the report with specific feedback & steps, contact us for details. This will help in evaluating what needs to be done for a website’s SEO. For more information on SEO visit our SEO Blog.

5. Use an easy website content platform like WordPress. This allows for a website owner to quickly add new content which is key to keeping a website fresh.

6. Think about changing the website even slightly, like adding new colors (that match branding efforts) for navigation links or adding photos, will brighten it up.

7. After completing these things make sure to announce the new, revitalized website in social media and e-mail marketing to get traffic to the website.

For more information on websites and revitalizing them for Spring contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.


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