Spring Promotions

Spring is only a day away and everyone has Spring fever! Consumers are in need of new and fresh ideas and products. This is the time to shine with current and brand-new marketing strategies.

  1. One idea is to use spring colors and imagery. Pastels, flowers and young/youthful images give a since of renewal. This can help move new products and sell revised services. Don’t just add touches of spring to promotional items but also spruce up the office or store to match this time of year. This can help make it look more welcoming and bring in new business.
  2.  It is spring cleaning time, throwing out the old and bringing in the new. Use this concept to entice consumers to check out what the business is offering this season. One way to do this is by mentioning a spring cleaning event in a newsletter and give “how to” spring clean pointers. A spring cleaning sale can also help move out old product and make room for new.
  3. Use the fact that people are ready to spend more time outside and enjoy warmer weather. Sports, barbeques and spring festivals will soon be in full swing, so use these fun filled events to help push any outdoor products or services. Even throwing a cookout for customers (maybe even team up with other local businesses) to bring in the new season could be beneficial. Give product samples or coupons for services to people that attend.
  4. A spring contest can be a fun way to boost customer interaction. Use spring type products or services as contest prizes. Teaming up with other local businesses can make prize packages larger and customers will more likely participate.
  5. Do something for the environment or give donations to organizations that do. With warm weather and new growth, people start to think more about their environment and how to help protect it. Offer to donate a certain sales percentage to a related cause or offer to do something great for the local parks or gardens per each sale.

For more springtime promotion ideas, contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.

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