7 Tips for Spring Cleaning the Office

In the spirit of spring’s arrival, it is a good idea to spruce up the office. Papers, files and miscellaneous items seem to pile up and take over throughout the year. Here are seven ways to help start the process and make office life more organized.

  1. Give paper its place- Paper is usually the most overwhelming clutter culprit in an office. Set up an easy to remember system or code. Use hanging files with labels, such as To Read, To Do and To File. Color coding can also help set apart different types of paperwork. Filing papers in order of importance can help keep things prioritized.
  2. Get rid of the old- If the filing cabinet is full, take the time to de-file. Throw away or shred any paperwork that is no longer needed. Donate any books that are out of date and/or new versions have been purchased.
  3. Email overload- Digital ciaos is sometimes more stressful than a physical mess. Try organizing emails the same way as paper files (To Do, To Read and To File). Use the functions that come with the email account to categorize and to label importance. After this initial clean-up, schedule a few minutes every day to go through the inbox.
  4. Junk drawer- It’s time to clean out the infamous drawer of what-not’s. Start by taking everything out and throwing away anything that is obviously trash, broken or unidentifiable. Then make dividers or compartments to hold office supplies like paperclips. Try to go through this drawer once a month after this clean up to help keep it from becoming unmanageable again.
  5. Short-term storage- There will be days where time is short and there needs to be a means for quick stash or clean-up (a basket is great for this). This is to get rid of clutter because the boss is making a surprise visit or an unexpected meeting is about to happen. Keep in mind this is for short-term storage. Once the need for the quick-storage is over, clean it up!
  6. Disinfect- With the cold and flu season ending, take the time to deep clean the office. This should include, but not be limited to, keyboards, mouse, phone, desk, copier, etc.
  7. Clean desktop- It is good practice to keep the desktop free of unneeded items. Most people only need a computer, phone, notepad, and pen at arm’s length. Keep all other items in their specific homes. There’s no need for these things to be on the desk until they are needed.

A clean office can greatly improve productivity. For more tips on how to spring clean the office and keep things organized, contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.

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