Instagram Q&A

We often get asked a lot of the same questions on social media marketing so we decided we would devote this month’s blogs to Q&A sessions on four of the major social media platforms – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram. Last week’s blog post was a Q&A on Twitter, read it here. Our final Q & A blog will be on Instagram.

Q:  What is the point of Instagram?

A:  Instagram allows someone to take a photo and then choose a filter (there are multiple to pick from) which can help give it more of a professional or fun look rather than just a normal mobile picture. Instagram prides themselves on fast and efficient uploading.

Q:  Can I connect my Instagram account with other social media sites?

A:  Instagram does have the ability to share pictures across multiple platforms in an instant.  As of now it can share your photos with Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. Foursquare can also be used for photos that are taken at a specific location.

Q:  How are Hashtags used on Instagram?

A:  Just like Twitter, Hashtags are used to group and find similar ideas. Hashtags help to find new followers and have your photo seen by more users. Hashtags also make it easy to search through Instagram to find certain photos on specific topic.

Q:  How do I find followers?

A:   As mentioned in the previous question, searching Hashtags is one way. In the top right corner of Instagram’s home page there is a search button. This can be used to look something up by Hashtags (Tags) or by Users. The other way to look up new Users is by using the Explore tab. It is located at the bottom of the screen and looks like a navigational star.

Q:  Who can see my photos?

A:  Anyone can see photos that have the “public” setting, which as a small business this is the best route. All Instagram profiles are set as “public” unless changed by the user. If set as “private”, users have to request to follow you and be accepted before they can view the photos.

Q:  How can Instagram help my small business?

A:  Just like other social media sites, Instagram is another mode to build a business’ name and brand. It is especially helpful for product based businesses. It makes it easy to take professional-like photos of products and post them for Users to see. Some small businesses actually sell straight from Instagram. They post their buying rules and normally have purchasers pay through PayPal. Others have their website link listed on their home page and direct potential customers there, but lure them in with great photos.

For tips on how to Market your business through Instagram check out our blog ‘Marketing through Instagram’. For questions or more information on Instagram contact us at


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