Twitter Q & A

We often get asked a lot of the same questions on social media marketing so we decided we would devote this month’s blogs to Q&A sessions on four of the major social media platforms – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram. Last week’s blog post was a Q&A on Pinterest, read it here. This week we are going to focus on Twitter.

Q:  How often should I Tweet?

A:  It is good practice to Tweet at least four times a day. Twitter posts happen quickly and most followers probably won’t see all of your Tweets. A Tweet has the lifespan of about two hours*. A business can do up to ten posts a day, more than that can seem over whelming and self-promoting. One way to track the frequency of Tweets, retweets and replies is by using the tool at this site TweetStats.

Q:  How do I link Twitter link to my blog, website and other sites?

A:  Adding a Twitter button on a blog or website is important. If people are reading and visiting these sites then they will most likely be interested in following your Twitter page. Twitter makes adding this button easy with step-by-step directions.

Q:  What can/should I Tweet?

A:  Make sure Tweets are helpful, conversational, entertaining or informative. Followers pay more attention to these types of Tweets. Tweets that have photos or videos attached to them are also attention getters. Limit sales Tweets; it is okay once in a while but too much self-promotion is a turn off to followers.

Q:  How do I use a link shortener for article sharing?

A:  Since a Tweet can only be 140 characters, it is vital to shorten any link that is added leaving more room for content.  Twitter actually will do this for you automatically through the use of service. This service shortens any link to 22 characters. Another site that shortens links is Bitly.

Q:  How do I get Followers and who should I Follow?

A:  There is a search bar at the top of Twitter that can be used to find people and businesses. Another way is to go to business websites or blogs and look for a Twitter link on there. Thirdly, if you are following someone you like and respect their opinions look at their follower list. It is also a good idea to put a Twitter links/icons on websites, blogs, email signatures and tie in with all other marketing efforts.

Q:  What is “retweeting” and should I do it?

A:  A retweet is a way that others can share a Tweet someone posted. It is basically a reply and a copy/paste of the original message. If a person wants to add their own thoughts to this original message, then they should use the Reply method instead of Retweet. Retweets are often symbolized as RT. Retweets show that you are interactive and engaged with followers.

Q:  What are hashtags?

A:  Hashtags are used to help Twitter searches by grouping ideas with the use of the # symbol. By placing the # in front of a word or group of words (with no spaces or characters) people can search for related ideas that have that same hashtag. allows you to look up a hashtag to find out if it is being used and how much. They can be helpful for a business to use during business meetings and workshops. Everyone can use the same hashtag and then can take notes or follow a conversation this way.

For more tips on what to Tweet on a Business Twitter page check out our blog ‘Seven Ideas to Tweet About’. Check out our Twitter page or find us @AcrossHorizons for some ideas on how it can be used for a small business.For questions or more information on Twitter contact us at


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