Preparing for 2014 Marketing Efforts

Before starting any 2014 marketing plans, it is important to review all 2013 marketing successes, failures and stats. Some important questions to ask are:

What worked?

What didn’t work?

What ideas were developed but never implemented?

After a review is done make sure to plan on these four major marketing components first: events, social media, website and email marketing. These are the primary marketing means for small businesses so it’s crucial to cover them first in marketing plans.


If events have been held previously review all data and feedback from them. Next decide some tentative dates & types of events to be held. Check out some of our previous blogs below on event planning to start event plans.

Event Planning 101

Event Promotion Musts

Event Follow-Up

Event Marketing: Working with Venues

Social Media

There are so many social media platforms so make sure to choose the right ones and have a clear plan of postings to make the most of time spent on these. Here is a listing of all our blogs on social media: covering the different types of social media, what to post and much more.


First, review the website as well as run an SEO analysis on the site. This gives a basis on where to start in planning for 2014. Read about the basic components to have on a website and make sure these are there. Finally, brainstorm on ideas of pages and content to add to the website during 2014.

Email Marketing

A great way to reach clients is through email marketing. We suggest using Constant Contact as it is reasonably priced and easy to use! First, determine when to send emails – for instance, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

For more tips on setting a marketing plan, read our blog New Year = New Marketing Plan. Need help getting started? Contact us today to set up a marketing consultation where we review a company’s marketing efforts and help plan 2014 marketing strategies to get the best ROI for the upcoming year. Email us at

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