Across the Horizon’s Photographer of the Month Campaign

We are excited to announce this new campaign we are launching for 2014 featuring and celebrating local photographers – a new one each month! Photos are the cornerstone of marketing so we want our fellow local small businesses to be aware of all the great options they have in the area for photographers.

A picture really is worth a thousand words – this is true not only in personal lives but in marketing for businesses as well. The perfect image of a product, service or even a small businesses’ employee(s) goes a long way in marketing efforts! The best marketing pieces always use eye-catching photography. Read our blog Photography is an important component of marketing to learn more about where to use pictures in marketing efforts.

Photographer of the Month – Specials & Promotions

Set up a company photo shoot or use photography services this year with one of our Photographers of the Month and receive a comprehensive marketing consultation with us for a 50% off discounted rate of $25. Click here to see what our marketing consultation includes, plus we will discuss how to use via all marketing efforts any new photos taken with these photographers.

January’s Photographer of the Month

Urban Bloom Photography

Click here to read more about this amazing photography studio. We thought it was only fitting that we kicked off with them since in March of last year they did a superb job with our own company photo shoot.

Suzy Fielders, President and Sandy Harper, Vice President

2014 Photographer of the Month Listing

Make sure to check in each month for details on each photographer of the month. Below is our full listing for our Photographer of the Month 2014 Campaign or view here.


Urban Bloom Photography


Bill Kohls Photography/Video & Media


PB&J Photography


Bowman Gray Photography


Neo Media


Jenna Domingo Photography


René Rodriguez Portrait Couture


Julie Uhl Photography


Stephanie Richardson Photography


J. Sinclair Photography


M. Gioeli Photography


The Portrait Gallery

We hope to see your photos with these amazing photographers soon!

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