Biggest Marketing Challenges for Small Biz Owners

Small business owners have to wear many hats and this usually creates big challenges when it comes to operating the business. One aspect of small businesses that often gets overlooked and underutilized due to lack of time and money is marketing. We’ve compiled a list of the top marketing challenges and some tips to overcome them.

Social Media

There are so many social media outlets now that small business owners often feel overwhelmed by them all. While this is free marketing and it should be used, that doesn’t mean each small business owner should use each platform. Ideally each small business should focus on one or two social media platforms to have daily posts on. Narrowing it down allows for more time to have a clear concise plan for that social media platform.

social media

Below is a list of the major social media platforms and which small businesses would most benefit from them.

  • Facebook: This is the biggest Social Media network and has unlimited creative options, so if a small business owner has to choose just one outlet then this is the one to have.
  • LinkedIn: Ideal for small business that gain most of their sales through networking and for B2B sales as it’s easier to reach out to other business owners in a very professional manner.
  • Pinterest: Great platform to showcase photography so Pinterest is ideal for small business owners that offer very photographic products.
  • YouTube: One of the best platforms to post videos in easy to share video formats. This social media outlet is great for small business owners that have how-to, example and promo videos.
  • Twitter: This platform only allows quick & short posts so it is ideal for those with less time to handle social media and is good for announcing promos & specials such as in retail.


This is something that should be outsourced to a marketing consultant, at least just for the designing and setting up. Not only does this save small business owners time but ensures it is done right with no errors. At Across the Horizons we understand small businesses have limited marketing budgets so we work with each to provide a reasonable price for building a website. We also use WordPress for all of our websites as it is easy to use and allows for small business owners to go in and add new content on their own without having to go through us each time.

E-mail Marketing

In a previous blog we discussed the importance of using email marketing and how Constant Contact is one of the best programs to use. E-mails are a quick and easy way to reach a large audience or a targeted one. Constant Contact makes it easy to create, send and monitor all email campaigns too, which saves small business owners a lot of time. For those looking for a customized e-mail template we can create those and then content simply needs to be dropped in, making it a painless process.

We know these three areas of marketing are a challenge for small business owners so we hope these tips help. For more information or pricing on any of these services please contact us at

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