10 Great Holiday Social Media Posts

This time of the year can make social media posting fun. There are many ideas that are creative and effective in terms of posts for a small business. Here are ten ideas to start off with.

Christmas Comic - Social Media Marketing

  1. Advent Calendar – Use it as a simple countdown and add photos of the business services or products
  2. Another Round of Thankful Posts –  Just like the thankful posts done prior to Thanksgiving, continue it through the month of December
  3. Big Local Holiday Event – Post about any local city events, such as the Tree lighting, Holiday concerts, food drives, etc.
  4. Wrapping up end of Year Items – Being the end of the year, it is a good time to mention specials to move this year products to make room for the upcoming year products.
  5. Holiday Sales – It is also a good time to offer Holiday sales since it is the season of giving.
  6. Holiday Quizzes – This can be done by quizzing fans on Holiday/seasonal. This will increase interaction with the business’ fans/followers.
  7. Holiday Contests – Just like the quizzes, contests are great for fan involvement.  Making the prize(s) worthy of involvement is important.
  8. Daily Picture Post Contests – This is especially useful on Pinterest or Instagram. Ask fans/followers to post certain and different things each day. A winner can be chosen randomly or by most creative picture.
  9. Charity Post – Help the community’s people who are in need by posting and sharing any local charity functions or happenings in the area. This could be benefit concerts, food drives, giving toys to needy children, etc.
  10. Thank Customers – Thank customers for a year of loyalty and support. Promise them an upcoming year of even better service.

For more Holiday post ideas, contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.

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