Ten Marketing Tools & Tips To Be Thankful For: Part 2

In a previous blog we gave our top ten marketing tools and tips to be thankful for, but since Thanksgiving is tomorrow we decided to give thanks for ten more marketing items.

1. Photography

There is a reason for the expression, “A photo is worth a thousand words”. It is important to remember in all marketing efforts that photography really ‘speaks’ to an audience. Photography can make or break a marketing campaign or ad.

2. Public Relations

Media can be a great outlet for spreading the word about an event or new product. Honing in on public relations skills can truly put a business and its services/products in the limelight.

3. Webinars

Marketing webinars have really helped us to increase stay in front of all the new marketing tools and tricks as technology is ever-changing.

4. Email Marketing

Sending mass emails allows for a large reach when sending messages about products, services, promotions or events. Email marketing platforms like Constant Contact also make creating and sending email campaigns easy and hassle free.

5. Competition

Having competition in any industry pushes each organization to optimize their products and services to really meet the needs of the clients.

6. Social Media Contests

This is an effective, easy and fun way to engage fans and gain new ones. These Contests can be implemented on most of the popular Social Media sites.

7. Pinterest and Instagram

Being the newest members to the Social Media world, these two use the power of photos to interest and entice followers.  These are two fun sites to use marketing tactics on. It can also give a business a “face” for consumers to see, making the business seem more approachable.

8. Ads

In this modern age, there are multiple places to post ads. There are the obvious choices of newspaper, magazines, yellow pages, billboards or any other sign. Now the choices go beyond these and entail millions of websites, with the most relevant being related business websites, blogs, and social media sites.

9. Google and other editorial Calendars

These are one of the easiest ways to keep all scheduled events, postings and marketing tasks listed and organized in one place. Plus, now that most people have Smart phones, these calendars are always in hands reach.  It is also easy to let others join in the calendar to view or add to. This is not only great for businesses but also for personal matters.

10. Mobile Marketing

This type of marketing makes it easy to reach customers where ever they are as pretty much every person owns a mobile phone today. Mobile marketing is inexpensive and easy to set up.

We wish everyone a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

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