Eight De-Stress Ideas and Techniques for the Workplace

Stress at work can often escalate as the year comes to a close. Projects need to be wrapped up, next year’s financial budget decided on and let’s not forget planning or at least participating in holiday work parties. When work pressure and demands begin to escalate it is good to have some ways to manage it. Here are a few de-stress ideas and techniques to help keep things cool.

de-stress tips

  1. Get moving- Sitting or even standing in one place for too long can reduce blood flow to muscles, which in turn causes oxygen-deprived muscles. This can cause cramps and fatigue. Walk away from the desk by getting water, coffee, or make copies. Make a point to leave the office for lunch. Go somewhere to eat or pack a lunch that’s easy to eat outside. Even simply stand while on the phone.
  2. Stretch- Do this while moving around or even while sitting at the desk. Stretch arms up over the head and down to the feet. Stretch the next muscles from side to side and front to back. Sitting in front of a computer can make a person stiff; doing these stretches will help put oxygen back into muscles which will do wonders for the back, arms and rest of the body.
  3. Rest the eyes- Just like the body, eyes can get over worked and tired. It is a good idea to look away from a computer or paperwork periodically. Either close them for a few moments or look at something else like a piece of artwork, a plant or even a coworker.
  4. Eat right- Eating the right things and even at the right times can help motivate the mind and body throughout the day, making it easier to cope with stress. Eating poorly can cause the body to not work as efficiently, thus not being in the best position to deal with works demands and pressures. Bring a bag of nonperishable snacks to keep at the desk. That way a snack is handy if it’s been a few hours since lunch and it feels like blood sugar levels are dropping. This kind of drop can cause extra stress.
  5. Stay organized- Being disorganized is stressful because it can cause a feeling of being out of control or overwhelmed. Organizing the desk/workspace can give a sense of control. Plus, it can help reduce stress, for example by making it easier to find files and reports.
  6. Make a To-Do-List- Planning ahead can help reduce stress by not forgetting need to do items. It also helps one to stay focused on what needs to be done. Plus, there is a satisfying feeling when checking off completed tasks.
  7. Laugh- The action of laughing can help reduce stress by increasing feel good endorphins in the brain. Take a few minutes during the work day to laugh with a coworker, read a funny article or comic or just take a moment to recall something amusing that happened recently.
  8. Visualize- Put up a computer desktop photo of the beach, loved ones or a snowy mountain scene, or whatever brings about the happiest memories. Every hour or so take a couple of seconds to look at the photo to mentally recharge.

For more ways to help de-stress at the workplace, contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.

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