Social Media Marketing to Different Generations

In a previous blog we talked about researching and finding your target audience, now we’d like to touch some on marketing to these target audiences and specifically to different generations and ages.

When it comes to social media marketing it is crucial to know the facts behind who really uses each platform as this helps you decide if that medium would be beneficial to your marketing efforts. Below are five demographic facts* on five major social media platforms and some insight into how to use this for marketing purposes.


Fact: Some people might initially think Facebook is mostly popular with teenagers but adults between the ages of 30 to 49 use this social media outlet just as much as teenagers do.

Tip: If you’ve discovered 30 to 40 is your target demographic, then make sure to not only have a Facebook page but use it to make posts, run contests and maybe even try a couple ads.


Fact: This platform is most popular to those in the age bracket of 18 to 29.

Tip: For those with a target audience of young adults and college students make sure to have a Twitter profile and consistently ‘tweet’.


Fact: Most people that have a LinkedIn profile are college degrees and make over 75K annually.

Tip: Given that most users have a college degree then it’s safe to say the average user is at least 22 or older. Add in the average 75K income of a LinkedIn user then it is most likely these are people well settled in their jobs and probably middle-aged. If that is your target demographic, then set up a business LinkedIn profile as well as a personal LinkedIn profile to build connections.


Fact: Over half of the users on Pinterest are women who are over the age of 25.

Tip: If your product or service is geared towards women, then make sure to have a company Pinterest profile and a few boards with regularly ‘pinning’.


Fact: This medium is used mostly by those 29 years of age or younger.

Tip: If your target audience is teenagers or young adults, then be sure to have a presence on Instagram. Also, interact with your followers through comments and likes.

While it is always good to have a presence on all social media outlets many small businesses do not have the time to do that, so use these facts & tips to determine which social media platforms best suit you or your business. For more information on social media or if you need help setting up or maintaining your social media accounts please contact us at

*Facts from Manta

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