Social Media Contests

Social media contests are meant to help increase fan engagement and gain new fans. The goal a business is trying to achieve can determine the type of contest to run. Some contests can even help gather new fan emails and increase brand recognition. It is important to remember that the results of a contest rely on the amount of promotion a business puts into it. People are more likely to respond to simple and quick contests, especially when it comes to new fans. Sweepstakes or retweet contests are best for this type of fan. Loyal followers tend to spend more time on a contest. They are looking for a fun experience. Quizzes and personality tests are best for these fans.

Here are a few types of social media contests:

  1. Photo, video and essay upload contests- This is one of the most popular contests because it can work on multiple social media sites. These are great for increasing fan involvement. They can either send in personal photos or vote on specific company chosen photos or both. This can be done with written work as well. The photos, videos, or essays can be about the company or its products. Fans can vote and comment on entries. Then there can be a random winner or a winner whom received the most votes. This usually involves more effort on the fans part but loyal consumers don’t seem to mind, especially if the contest is fun with a worthy prize. Another plus, fans will often share and pass it around to their friends, thus giving the company more exposure. This type of contest is great for sites like Facebook. For a site like Pinterest, it is normally labeled as a Pin-It-To-Win-It type contest. With Pinterest, a business can even start a Contest board that fans can check out to see the latest contest. This contest can also work on Instagram and Twitter. Followers can post pictures relating to the brand topic and include the company’s hashtag.
  2. Retweet to Win- On Twitter, followers are asked to retweet a post and a winner is chosen at random. Companies need to be cautious with this type of contest. Due to Twitter rules, a business cannot just ask to have the same tweet retweeted over and over. The follower must use a @reply of the brand account and include relevant topics of the contest (just not duplicates). Following these rules will help keep a business out of trouble with Twitter. Even with this extra step it is still a great contest for a company to run. It helps to gain exposure to new followers and helps them learn more about their current followers.
  3. Sweepstakes- This contest is nice for fans because it requires them to do the least amount of work. Normally this type of contest only asks for the fans name and email address; which is great for a business because now they have grown their email list. This contest can be used on many different social media sites and blogs.
  4. Personality tests- This is another great contest for fan engagement. A company can create personality profiles that reflect their products and services. The fan takes the quiz and then is given a brand-related personality profile based on their answers. Fans usually enjoy this type of interactive contest and will share them with their friends. This contest can easily help a business gain new fans.
  5. Quizzes- This contest is another way to engage existing fans and reach new ones. Prizes can be given to random participants or to highest scorers. The quiz can be something seasonal or about the company’s products and services.

Contests are great for a company to do because they help them get to know their fans and gain new ones. Getting the insight of their fans helps a business create new products and ideas.

For more ideas on the types of social media contests or with assistance of administrating your own, contact us at

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