Top Benefits of E-mail Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way for small businesses to reach out to clients and potential clients. E-mail provides the means to get those newsletters out quickly and to a sizable audience. Below are the top three benefits that can come from sending e-mail newsletters and examples of how to achieve each benefit.

1. Establish self and company as the expert in the field

  • Write articles on specific topics that are helpful to your audience
  • Share testimonials or news of awards to provide third party incentives

2. Serve as another ‘touch point’ with clientele

  • Provide updates & news on your organization and its employees
  • Link back to website & social media content to keep them engaged
  • Share information on your industry that is relevant to your audience

3. Gain direct sales

  • Give coupons to get people to buy your products or services
  • Share first hand (‘inside’) information on upcoming promotions and sales
  • Provide a means to register for events

If you need some help with your newsletters or have additional questions on email marketing, feel free to contact us at

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