Importance of Using Surveys

Surveys take time to research, create, implement and review the data received.  One might wonder if there is any point in spending the time on surveys.  There are different reasons a business would want to perform a survey and why the information gathered from it would be beneficial. Surveys help discover answers to certain questions.

There are many advantages to conducting surveys. Surveys allow a company to collect a large amount of information in a short period of time. Surveys are inexpensive and can be created quickly and administrated easily. Websites like Survey Monkey make the survey creation process simple and quick. Also, surveys can obtain information on a wide range of topics, such as, opinions, attitudes, personal facts and past behaviors.

Initially, a company needs to figure out what questions they need answered or understand why a survey would help the company answer such questions. There are four typical reasons to conduct a survey.

#1- To figure out what is going on with customers- a survey would help discover what customers want and what is important to them.

#2- To discuss a problem or specific topic with a target audience- the goal with this type of survey is to receive insight from a target audience to help gain a different point-of-view and hopefully solution.

#3- To better understand and prioritize actions and needs- this type of survey will help save the business wasted time trying to guess at this information or spending time on things that do not matter.

#4- To gain a benchmark- a survey can help find the company’s target population and how they feel about the problem addressed. This can help provide a baseline of comparison on how the population’s attitudes change about a particular survey problem.

Across the Horizons has set up a Marketing Survey to better understand the marketing needs of small businesses. Please feel free to take the short survey so we can better serve our customers. This survey helps us to more accurately address the marketing needs of our customers or future customers.

For more information on why and how to conduct a survey, contact us at

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