Marketing for Specific Industries

While there are numerous basic marketing techniques and tools that any organization can use regardless of their industry, there are just as many marketing tricks that are specific to each industry. Below are some industry specific marketing ideas that are easy to start using and add to any organizations’ marketing plan.

In the arts and entertainment industries, it’s crucial to market the ‘talent’. For instance, local art studio owners could do a series of blogs or pieces on getting to know the artists who paint the works of art there.

For restaurants, gaining testimonials and using word-of-mouth grassroots campaigns is a great marketing ploy to get new customers.

In the building industry, getting information out about issues relating to building, mortgages, building sites, etc. is a crucial marketing tactic for home building companies to employ. This allows their potential clients to be well-informed and build trust making them more likely to buy.

Photography studios obviously can best market with their photographs and can do so with social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

A final example is within the retail industry and how they can use social media to spread the word on promotions and run contests. They also should use event marketing to increase sales and awareness of their business.

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