Eight Website Do’s and Don’ts

An organization’s website is their main means to send a message and get information to potential and current clients, so it’s very important that it has the right information on it. In our past blog, “Must Have” Components For Any Website, we talked some about items that should be on a website, but now we break it down future and provide eight website ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’.

1 – DO have a very simple to navigate site, meaning make it easy to figure out where important information is located.

2 – DON’T overdo it with an abundance of text on the site, have just enough to make the point to clients and include the appropriate keywords for SEO purposes.

3 – DO use an easy to use platform for maintaining the website, such as WordPress, allowing for stress free and frequent updates to the site.

4 – DON’T forget to let your company’s attitude shine through in the website’s appearance and content.

5 – DO tie the website into your branding efforts. Make sure the website matches the company’s image.

6 – DON’T have an outdated website. Make sure to check the website frequently (at least once a week) for any broken links or obsolete content.

7 – DO integrate the website into the marketing plan and efforts and link back to social media profiles.

8 – DON’T overlook website analytics. Use sites like Google Analytics to keep track of how the website is doing and plan for improvements.

For more tips on developing and designing websites contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.

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