Seven Ideas to Tweet About

In one of our previous blogs we offered reasons as to why a small business should have a Twitter account. The question on most business owners minds may be, okay the Twitter account is created, now what should a small business Tweet about? It is important to conduct “digital small talk” on Twitter because it can open doors to bigger, more profitable conversations. Here are seven ideas to Tweet about:

  1. Countdowns or As-It-Happens Updates – Countdowns can be fun and interactive with an audience. It keeps them anticipating company events and sales. This is the same with live newsfeed of events or special business happenings. These can include but not limited to: seminars, conferences or special events. Make the Tweets about what is being taught or heard.
  2. Blog Posts – This is helpful for companies that have their own blogs or for sharing other people’s/company’s blogs or articles (which is called “curating”). Since Tweets only allows 140 characters, it is best to just Tweet the title and link.
  3. Latest News or Industry Tips – It is a good idea to stay connected to the world news by commenting on relevant news stories. Giving some free advice, share tips, tricks, stats, and product reviews will help keep followers interested, plus they will be more likely to Retweet helpful information.
  4. Questions or Answering Questions – Questions can be good for impromptu market research or quick feedback. Another approach would be to make a statement and then ask “Do you agree?”, “What do you think?”, or “Has this happened to you?”. This type of Tweet helps involve followers and start conversations.
  5. Celebrations – Sharing celebrations and company mile markers are fun and enjoyable for Twitter followers. These can include but not limited to: gaining new clients, finishing a big project, meeting a deadline or achieving a milestone.
  6. Inspirational or Funny Quotes – People love to laugh and be inspired. Plus, good quotes tend to get a lot of Retweets.
  7. Thank-yous and Messages to Others – It is good policy to try to reply to Tweets and thank others for Retweets and post sharing. Retweeting other peoples Tweets will help gain more followers. The key here is to be interactive.

For more ideas on what to Tweet about, contact us at

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