Six Ways to use LinkedIn

1. Networking

The best and most popular use is to network with other business professionals in a variety of industries. LinkedIn provides a place to connect with people and learn more about their backgrounds.

2. Ads

Similar to Facebook ads, LinkedIn offers businesses the opportunity to display ads that are very targeted. Additionally, these ads provide the advertisers with direct messages/contact info from those who click on them.

3. Research

LinkedIn shows profiles of both companies and the individuals employed at them. This information can be valuable when researching competitors and others within an industry.

4. Employment

Whether you are looking for a job or looking to employ someone at your organization LinkedIn provides a great platform for either.

5. Posts

As with other Social Media platforms, LinkedIn lets companies and individuals make posts/updates. These can aid in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts and gain the interest of followers.

6. Showcase Work

One feature that is often not utilized enough is the “Projects” section of individual profiles. Not only can you add a link to the project but you can add team members who are also on LinkedIn.

Want more tips on LinkedIn? Read our blog: LinkedIn, why not. For questions on social media or LinkedIn in particular contact us at

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