Five Facebook Worthy Posts


These are great content for busy times of the work week as in Mondays or late Fridays when people just get on Facebook quickly to see what is going on. They can also be a great way to wish your audience happy holidays; for instance, give a Martin Luther King quote on MLK Day or a quote from a past president on Presidents Day. Quotes are best for gaining likes on a post and depending on the quality of the quote it can also gain shares.

Facebook Post - Quote2. Questions

There are many options for types of questions to post on Facebook – true or false, yes or no, multiple choice, open ended or fill in the blank. Questions provide a great way to get insight from your Facebook fan base.  These questions can be related to a company’s products or services or just be something fun to get people engaged and active on a Facebook page. For example around the holidays a fun question could be, “What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?” This question could be open ended or multiple choice. Posts with questions are best at generating comments.

3. Photos

One of the best things about posting photos is that they are a great way to gain likes, shares and comments. Professional photos of your team or products are ideal for sharing with your fans on Facebook. Fun photos are also great to gain interest even if they have nothing to do with your products or services.

Facebook Post - Photo
This post on a Facebook page provides a good illustration on portraying products through pictures on Facebook.

4. Contests

A wonderful way to get interaction with Facebook fans is offering them something through a contest, plus social media provides an outlet for reaching more people. An example would be sharing a post and stating the first three people to comment on the post win some prize. This type of contest generates mostly comments but can also get shares if it’s a large or longer running contest.

Facebook Post - Contest
This provides an excellent example of using Facebook for contests.

5. Tips

Providing tips to your audience that are relevant to your organization or industry gives people a little something for checking out your Facebook page, which in turn builds their trust and gives them a reason to return. For instance, a heating/AC company could give tips on how to best keep your house cool or hot depending on the time of year. These types of postings are most likely to gain likes or shares.

Want more tips on Facebook posts? Read our blog: What to post on your Facebook page. For questions on social media or Facebook posts particular to your organization contact us at

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