Top 5 Pinterest Post Ideas

In one of our past blogs, Pinterest What?, we discussed what Pinterest is and why a small business would benefit from having a Pinterest page. We hope that blog inspired businesses to research Pinterest more and start their own pages. It may still be unclear to some what kind of boards and pins would be beneficial to post. Often this depends heavily on the type of business posting but there are universal ideas that would help all businesses.

Here are our Top 5 Pinterest Post Ideas:

  1. Have a board that relates to the business/industry that is forming it. This could be informative pins that link to blogs about related topics, how-to links, and current events in the related industry.
  2. Since this is a visually stimulating social media site, it is vital to post pins that show off the products or services a business provides. A business could also post pins that link to their site and/or other sites that show the product or service in use. There are studies that show most individuals are visual learners, thus making it important to use this Pinterest strategy to its fullest.
  3. Another idea is to allow customers to create posts showing them using the product or service. This gives the customers a chance to feel involved and creative. This is much like the word-of-mouth method but viral.
  4. Contests! Contests are another way to engage customers. Make contest posts attractive and inviting, enhancing the chances of customers clicking on (and repinning) the pin. Remember repinning is the ultimate goal for a business on Pinterest because this is how an original pin will reach a multitude of viewers.
  5. Repinning posts of local businesses and city related events will help gain respect in the community and also help open doors to local networking.

For more information on what a business Pinterest page should post, contact us at

Across the Horizons' Pinterest board
Below is one of our Pinterest Board’s that portrays local businesses and organizations in the area and shares their pins.

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