How do you want the world to see YOUR company?

By Guest Blogger: Claudia Page Carter of The Portrait Gallery

Images, photos, snapshots or pics…….all words referring to one of the most important assets to your company’s social media and advertising.  Ever heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”?  For a business, it should read, “a picture COULD be worth a thousand dollars”!  Understand that we as human beings love to see images and the more you can show about your organization through the wonderful media of professionally created photography, the better!

Let’s say you have a potential client looking at your website or other social media and there are very few photographs, they are outdated or maybe not taken by a professional photographer.  Then this client moves on to the next business on the Google list and finds an outstanding website with fresh, vibrant, up to date photographs of a business showing  the exterior and interior of the facility, profiles of each employee along with a current photo, and images of people interacting at this business.  Now consider which one YOU would call for services.  Professional photographs will give your company an artistic and professional “boost” that this visual world we now live in needs for trying to stay one up with your competition.

One of the biggest advantages to having professional photographs created is the fact that you will be able to use them on all platforms of social media.  With the capabilities of digital files, you can update not only your website but your Facebook page, LinkedIn, blog posts and your email newsletters.  Through this process, you will see more activity in each of these media sources which means more business for you!

Image by The Portrait Gallery


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