3-E Marketing Comes Down to One Strategy — Integration

Engaged customers Efficient systems – Effective messaging

By Guest Blogger: Professor Richard Puffer of Coker College

Everyone with something to offer – a product, service, idea, philosophy, candidacy, friendship, love, or even money should realize they can be most successful by speaking with a singular voice to all those in their target market. My Coker College communication students find I am an evangelist for what is called integrated marketing communication and which I generally just prefer to categorize as integrated communication.

If you integrate your messages you will find all of your organization’s publics have a better understanding of what you stand for, what you offer and why they should be joining you as customers, suppliers, voters, team members, or supporters. A clear, consistent, cohesive message becomes most efficient for your organization; it helps customers quickly know how you can make a difference for them and aids their decision to become engaged with your product, idea, candidacy, message or service.

In my view of communication, the idea of integration means that you have done the work to know who you are and how you want others to understand you. You build your message. You live your message and then you use whatever means that you can to help your key publics receive and understand your message. You don’t say one thing in an ad and another in an interview. Your MESSAGE is what is critical and words like advertising, public relations, promotions, couponing, all become tactics in the strategy of reaching your audience where they are with your message in terms they understand.

One of the great attributes of an organization like Across the Horizons is they already understand that the key is getting the client’s message to the target clients and helping them fully understand what is meant in the message. These small agencies understand that what counts are the results and they know that you get results when you integrate a solid strategic message across all possible communication tactics.


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