Event Marketing: Working With Venues

We have covered a variety of issues regarding event marketing in previous blogs including event planning, event promotion, event follow-up and even how events should be included in your marketing plan. Now, we would like to focus on a specific detail of event planning… working with venues.

Venues can be anywhere that an event can be hosted, such as hotels, conference centers or parks. Each location has its own features and methods for handling clients. Before booking any venue, it is a good idea to set up a meeting with either a sales representative or event manager at the location, to not only see the venue first hand, but to get a glimpse into how they operate.

When booking an event usually there will be two people handling the account. The first is the sales representative who will handle the initial contract and book the space. The second is the event or catering manager, who after the contract is signed, works with the client on all the audio-visual (AV) needs, catering and logistics of the event. For those who have no event experience, the event manager is a valuable resource, as they can skillfully guide clients through the event planning process.

It is always best to layout all the questions you have before talking with the event manager at the venue. Try to determine as much information as possible about the event, like what AV will be needed and what type of table set up is desired. If those things have not been decided, then work closely with the event manager to figure out what is best for the event.

One thing to remember when working with chain hotels, for example Marriott hotels, is that each does things differently. For instance, one Marriott may require a deposit but another may not.

With the right preparation, events can help build client relationships and bring in new clients for any organization, so it is important to choose the right venue that sets the proper ambiance.

Planning an event? We would be happy to help manage and promote your next event! Contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com for more information.


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