Crisis management basics

All the new online marketing platforms are great ways to get new business, however they are also new venues for complaints and a potential marketing crisis. Crisis management is a form of marketing that is meant to handle complications, complaints, and any type of marketing crisis.

The first step to crisis management is preparing for all possible negative publicity, complaints, and marketing complications. When creating a marketing plan it is crucial to include, as one component, a crisis management plan. Some of the components of the crisis management plan should include:

  • Social Media – handling negative comments/posts
  • Blogs – how to handle bad blog posts
  • Publicity – what to do when there is bad publicity on any of the media outlets
  • Word of Mouth – how to deal with terrible comments made via word of mouth

A good crisis management plan predicts any possible complaints or marketing problems that could happen to the organization. When preparing, it is good to research the competition and see any marketing issues they might have had to learn from their mistakes. Crisis management is about being prepared and planning for any possible contingency.

To learn more about crisis management or if you need assistance in creating your crisis management plan, contact us at

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