Top Ten Marketing Tools & Tips To Be Thankful For

We are so thankful for these ten marketing tools and tips that we wanted to make sure we shared with our clients, fans and friends.

1. Useful analytics

Marketing is really only constructive when it has proper stats and analytics to showcase what works well and what needs improvement. Today’s marketing ventures allow for numerous stats such as Google Analytics for websites, Quantcast for tracking competitor’s website traffic, Email open & click rates (like Constant Contact) and much more.

2. Websites

A clean, creative and effective website is the ultimate marketing tool for any business. Websites allow for a way to portray products and services and build a company’s brand.

3. Event Marketing

Events are not only a great marketing technique but they can be a lot of fun to plan and implement. The right event can both create sales and build client relationships.

4. SEO & Google

In addition to having a website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows for getting a website placed well on Google and other search engines. Being #1 on Google for targeted keywords in the industry is the best marketing effort possible and virtually free!

5. Writing & Blogs

We love writing and blogging so naturally this tops on our list of marketing things we are thankful for! Blogging is another virtually free marketing tool that builds a brand, aids in SEO efforts and establishing one’s self as an expert in the industry.

6. Branding

Branding helps consumers connect to a specific product or service by means of an idea or image. It can also help a company build a good reputation. We enjoy helping small businesses find their brand image and strive to make them well known in their industry.

7. Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media. We are thankful for Social Media marketing because it is an easy and free marketing medium that small businesses can take advantage of, including our own.

8. Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is the process of defining and subdividing a large homogenous market into clearly identifiable segments having similar needs, wants, or demand characteristics. There is something satisfying about classifying customers as a specific segment or target market; it makes a business owners job easy because it helps match marketing expectations of customers in those targeted segments.

9. Market Research

Ok, not everyone may enjoy searching for information and learning all they can about a certain topic, but thankfully there are people like us that do. Marketing research is important because it is the key factor to get the advantage over the competition, plus it provides important information to identify and analyze the market need and size.

10. Marketing is not just for Companies with large purses anymore

Thanks to media outlets like Google (for research usage & SEO), social media, and blogs, small businesses have nearly free opportunities to share their brand, find new customers, and learn all they can about their competitors.

These are just some of the many marketing tools & tips we are thankful for! Share with us other marketing efforts that you are thankful for in the comment section below. For any questions on how to implement these, feel free to contact us at


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