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Across the Horizons April/May 2013 Newsletter1. Marketing Tips

Each newsletter we send includes numerous tips and trends in a wide range of marketing topics such as Public Speaking, Event Planning, Social Media and much more!

2. Updates on Across the Horizons

Keep current on what we have going on in order to not miss our events, like our upcoming social media workshop “Making the Most of Your Facebook Page”.

3. Special Offers

Some of our newsletters even contain special offers such as a coupon or discounted rate on our services. We also first feature our social campaigns in our newsletters. These features include free downloads and even more special offers simply for liking our Facebook page!

4. Bi-monthly Mailings

We know everyone’s email inbox are constantly full and keeping them busy so we make sure not to bombard inboxes with frequently mailings – our newsletter is typically sent out every month. For those in need of marketing tips in between mailings check out our blog.

5. It’s Free

What’s not to love about free and valuable information!

Check out some of our past newsletters to get a glimpse at some of the topics we’ve already discussed. Sign up today by completing this very simple and quick sign up form. For any questions or comments please contact us at contact@acrossthehorizons.com.

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