Photo Shoots: How to capture a company in a photo?

Customers want to feel they know the people that are handling their business. One way to win customers is by having viewable professional photos on the company website. This way potential clients can see whom they may be working alongside, and the products/services that company provides. Across the Horizons recently had a photo shoot in downtown Winston-Salem. We would like to share some information we learned from our experience. There are a few key points to remember when planning a shoot and picking a photographer.

Suzy Fielders, President and Sandy Harper, Vice President

There are many ways to pick a photographer. First, try searching the local yellow pages or use Google Search and then make cold calls or send emails to inquire more information about them. However, the best method for finding a photographer is through word-of-mouth. We chose Urban Bloom Photography by this method. We saw their work on a local company’s website (Winston-Salem Monthly) and inquired through them about the photographer.

It is a good idea to plan ahead what the company photos should look like, as in: what the photos should portray (tone), location, and types of photos.

Try to determine what the tone of the photos should be prior to the shoot. This would determine what clothes to wear and style of the photos taken (creative or formal). It is wise to choose clothing that is classic and timeless professional business attire. This way the photos are usable for years to come since they do not show signs of a certain era or fad. It is just as important to wear clothing that is comfortable and well fitting since stiffness and being uncomfortable can be obvious in a photo. Ask the photographer what they suggest about color choices. Finally, choose clothes that do not wrinkle easily since this can make a picture appear unprofessional and sloppy.

When determining the location it would be wise to consider these factors: temperature, weather, lighting, and space. Think about what location should be picked: studio, outside, in the office, back drops and staging? It is important to keep in mind the back drop in the photos. It should be solid and neutral. If the photo shoot location is outside, the photographer should be able to pick suitable back drops. The key is to pick a back drop that does not distract from the photo. Photos taken in an office or studio setting are going to look more formal, while an outdoor setting will look more creative and casual. Keep in mind when choosing an outdoor setting what the weather and temperatures will be like. Extreme direct sun, rain, cold and hot temperatures will not be ideal for a shoot. It is better to schedule outdoor shoots in the morning or later afternoon when the sun is not the most direct.

Make a list of the types of photos needed from the photo shoot. These can include:  head shots for employee biographies, staging to show examples of services, pictures of products, and group shots that show teamwork and unity. Having a list will help the photographer know what to plan and help keep photo ideas from being forgotten.

For more information on picking a photographer or how to plan for a photo shoot, contact us at


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