Key Points for Designing an Impressive and Eye-Catching Email

Email marketing is an important tool in a company’s marketing efforts. It allows a business to send a message to specific target audiences and most importantly drive sales.

How the email looks and how the information is presented are the driving factors in email layouts. It is best to stick with a planned look for an email newsletter/campaign. This look should be consistent with the brand and company’s image. It is okay to alter the look and layout some if the new email is about a specific product, service, event or promotion.

Across the Horizons February/March 2013 NewsletterHaving a side bar in an email, either on the right or left side, is a good idea if there are multiple call to actions or valuable information to share. Do not use more than two columns (see photo example) though as this is hard on viewer’s eyes and minds for processing. Sticking to this simple rule will help subscribers view the email and decrease the risk of them unsubscribing.

Important components to include when designing an email layout are:

  • Links to social media sites
  • Share tool (so readers can share on their social media pages/profiles)
  • Forward button
  • Contact information
  • Company logo
  • Links (include several) to website and blog
  • Anchor links to email articles

Other items that make for great and attention grabbing emails are:

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