Three Reasons for Having a Blog

Many businesses aren’t really sure why they should put forth the effort to create and maintain a blog. These three reasons show why it is important for every business to have a blog, regardless of what industry they are in.Across the Horizons Blog1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A blog is a key component for Search Engine Optimization (ranking well on Google, MSN, etc.). It needs to have a link to the company’s website and vice versa. In addition to connecting to the website, it is important to write SEO friendly blogs that are keyword rich. However, the blog shouldn’t be overly heavy in keywords so that it doesn’t make sense – this can actually hurt a company’s SEO. Blogs can also be posted frequently to provide fresh content for search engine robots to find.

2. Establish as an Expert

Having a blog and writing articles frequently on topics within an industry can establish a company as an expert in that field. When researching a company and its competition, a potential client can learn why a certain company is the best in industry and stands out from its competition by reading their blog.

3. Keep People Engaged

Providing content that is educational and entertaining will allow a business to be engaged with their client base. Many blog platforms, such as WordPress, allow bloggers to even insert photos and videos. Using these types of media not only increases chances of a blog being read but also gives more SEO opportunities (for instance having alt tags on images). Blogs also provide more materials to share on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about blogs, setting them up or for those who need help writing them, contact us at

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