The Importance of Marketing Workshops and Webinars

It is easier for a company’s marketing strategy to get outdated, overused and tired. That’s why it is useful for companies to find new ways to boost their marketing ideas. One of the best ways to learn fresh and current marketing techniques, as well as new technologies available, is by attending workshops and webinars.

Marketing workshops and webinars are normally brief (1 to 2 hours) and focus on a specific aspect of marketing. Topics can range from how to use social media for marketing to how to use email analytics. A webinar is a seminar transmitted over the web. Webinars are beneficial due to their interactive element; this allows the teacher and students to give, receive and discuss information. Webinars are typically free or low priced.

Webinars are convenient because they can be attended from home, the office or a local coffee shop. All that is need is a computer that can access the internet. A few popular sites to find marketing webinars include: Constant Contact, Manta, AWeber, and Hubspot. These sites may ask for information that they can add to their email list.

A recent workshop that Across the Horizons attended was hosted by The Business Journal. This workshop showed attendees how to effectively and efficiently read the journal. Whether it was to find potential business opportunities, learn more about the Triad area or to find individuals to network with, everyone one who attended left learning something useful. Best of all, this workshop was free and only took an hour. Workshops like these are available year round. The best way to find them is through Google searches including key words specific to your location. Always try to sign up early before the workshop fills up.

Small Business TourWhile webinars are often hosted by large well-known companies, many local companies will host workshops at local venues or restaurants. These are also reasonably priced or free. A great benefit from attending local workshops is the chance to network. Attendees at these workshops could turn out to be future clients or business partners.

Across the Horizons will be hosting a workshop on “Making the Most of Your Facebook Page” on May 18, 2013. This workshop will cover how to optimize and utilize Facebook pages for maximum exposure and results. For more details and to sign up for this workshop visit  Other local Triad businesses that often host marketing workshops include Alphagraphics and Nu Expression.

For more information on marketing workshops and webinars, or if you have questions regarding our upcoming social media workshop, contact Across the Horizons at



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