Photography is an important component of marketing

A picture really is worth a thousand words – this is true not only in personal lives but in marketing as well. The best marketing pieces always use photography. There are three major categories of picture usage that companies can use for a variety of marketing tactics.


Having a great photo of a product can get potential clients’ attention as well as demonstrate the products abilities and attributes. For companies that are service oriented, taking a picture of services in action provides for a glimpse into what the services really offer. For example, Disney Cruise Line often uses pictures of people on their cruises in their social media marketing.


Taking photos for employee profiles or around the office can build trust with clients by showing them the company’s culture and an inside look. Below is a photo of the president and vice president of Across the Horizons at the Small Business Tour 2012. We used this photo on our website and newsletter to give our clients not just glimpses of who we are but to show we care about continually building our marketing skills.

Suzy & Sandy at Small Business Tour

Stock photography

Whether for newsletters, web pages or brochures stock photos of people, holiday paraphernalia or miscellaneous items that are well placed can really make the marketing piece make a point.

Across the Horizons can help in both setting up photo shoots of products or employees and helping to select ideal stock photography for marketing materials. Contact us today to get started at


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