LinkedIn, why not?

Many business professionals sigh when they hear they should sign up with another social media site. What makes LinkedIn different from all the other sites? LinkedIn is meant for the professional, the job seeker and the skill builder. LinkedIn can help an individual or company make networking connections that they other-wise could not have. Here are six of the most impressive reasons to be on LinkedIn.

  1. Profile page is a résumé- The LinkedIn profile consists of a mission statement, career background, skills & expertise, and professional recommendations. While sending a résumé to related jobs is still important, having this résumé like profile that one’s network can see will also help connect an individual to potential new job opportunities.
  2. Company Profile page- Companies can make a profile page that highlights their company. This is similar to having a company page on Facebook. A bonus to having a company profile on LinkedIn is helping increase their SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  3. Network Building- On LinkedIn it is easy to connect with past and current business relationships or people with similar interests who work in the same job industry. Connecting with thought leaders in a similar industry can help a person gain access to their network.
  4. Connecting with larger Groups- These groups give an individual the opportunity to reach and interact with potential customers online. These groups can also connect with individuals in similar industries that can share helpful information pertaining to the job. Ask a question on one of these group forums to receive valuable information in that field.
  5. Promoting Lead Generation- LinkedIn can help lead new customers to a business. It is not advised to sell services on LinkedIn but rather demonstrate one’s expertise and thought leadership. Showing one’s knowledge in a certain area will help drive potential customers to a business’ website or blog. Ways to help lead generation would be: creating a related LinkedIn group, using LinkedIn DirectAds, and answering questions in the “Answers” section of LinkedIn.
  6. Helpful LinkedIn applications- Like most social media sites, LinkedIn also has applications that their followers can use. The difference is LinkedIn applications are job related. One example is Slide Share; this application will let an individual share slides from past webinars and presentations. Thus helping promote their business. Another application called Blog Link helps connect one’s blog to their LinkedIn profile. Letting that individual continually share business content with their network.

For more information on how LinkedIn can help a business contact Across the Horizons at

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